Calendar of Events


  • Ian Kilshaw

    For the ride on May 4 can I meet you at the Greenwich Foot Tunnel?


    • Jane

      Well, it’s not really anything to see…it was a long time ago and there is no visual evidence left! Just a tiny but of a story to tell at roughly where it happened. We can always tell you about it at the cafe stop

  • Duncan Peterkin

    There Penge to Greenwich ride on the 18th May 2014 supporting spaces for cyclists.
    Meeting places at Penge Recration Ground SE20 7HQ
    Depart at 11am on the water way router.
    I am going can any one in Lewisham Cyclist going?
    Regards Duncan

    • Not sure, Duncan…I won’t be going as I leave for Scotland the next day early, and it will take me most of Sunday to sort out my kit and get the bike ready.