Maps & Parking


Transport for London (TFL)’s fourteen cycle maps cover the whole of the Greater London area street-by-street. Traffic-free and Traffic-lite streets and roads are colour coded and you can thus plan the safest and most pleasant route to your destination. The maps are mailed free of charge and you can order them at :  

Lewisham Council have a detailed online map of the delightful and largely traffic-free Waterlink Way. It can be found at:

OpenStreetMap includes fairly reliable mapping of the London Cycle Network (LCN) routes if you choose the Cycling layer like this:

Cycle Parking

LCC has launched a website where London cyclists can indicate where they want cycle parking.   The site was created with the help of the developers, with support from Trek. Please use it by clicking ‘suggest a location’ and following the instructions at :

Supervised Parking

The London Bridge site has closed permanently for ‘redevelopment’. There is however, just to the west of Tate Modern, a supervised site at Hopton Street run by Better Bankside at: