Tuesday Totter Fortnightly Ride

Our fortnightly afterwork Ride has changed its meet-up point. Instead of Ladywell, we’ve chosen a more central location, to make it easier, we hope, for a greater number of Lewisham people. We will now meet outside the Glassmill Leisure Centre, over the road from Lewisham Railway Station and bus station. Right on the Waterlink Way cycle route. Hope that suits more folk! Check our calendar under Home in the Menu bar

Lewisham Council Local Implementation Plan

Lewisham Council LIP (Local Implementation Plan) is up for consultation. This is basically the council’s strategy for transport planning across the borough. LIP funding is the process through which TfL provides financial support to boroughs for schemes to improve their transport networks. So it’s a massively important document which will have a massive effect on all of us. The consultation ends on Saturday.  It’s not perfect but it’s so much better than in the past. We really need to make

Lewisham Cyclists 21st Nov Meeting Agenda

Lewisham Cyclists 21st Nov Meeting Agenda After extensive discussion in the group we are trialling a new format for the meeting this month. The aim is to make these meetings more approachable by being more forward looking and keeping it concise. Topical Items (30 mins) Change of meeting format LC outreach presentation run-through Upcoming Brockley Better Streets workshop Lewisham Council Local Implementation Plan high-spots Lewisham Cyclists website update proposals Update from Cycling Champion (15 mins) Projects & Community Activity feedback

Lewisham Gateway campaign continues….

Lewisham Cyclists are continuing to campaign for improvements to the Gateway junction. Now over two years old we’re pressing Will Norman the London Walking and Cycling Commissioner to urgently review safety, and add it to the list of dangerous junctions that require remedial work. See letter below… Letter Thanks to all of you who submitted comments on Lewisham’s Commonplace consultation – a summary is attached here showing the widespread dismay of people on bicycles as well as pedestrians who are

Agenda for Lewisham Cyclists Monthly Meeting 6.30pm Wednesday 17th October 2018

Agenda for Lewisham Cyclists Monthly Meeting 6.30pm Wednesday 17th October 2018 Lewisham Civic Centre, Catford Road, SE6 4RU All are welcome at the Lewisham Cyclists (LC) monthly meeting. These meetings are fairly informal and it’s a good opportunity to hear about the current local campaigns and influence their direction. 1) Apologies and Welcome. 2) Presentation on LC campaigning strategies, communications and organisation structure by Jeremy Doyle and Brian Turpin. 3) Actions from Minutes of last monthly meeting – http://lewishamcyclists.co.uk/minutes/ 4)

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