Space4Cycling Event Saturday 26th April


Thanks to everyone who came down to Ladywell Fields and stopped to talk about the Space4Cycling Campaign.  Some of you even sent off emails to your candidates there and then.  Easy to do on the go from our tablet! Thanks also to those of you who donated or bought jumble.  Some of you did both!  And thanks to our great team of efficient Dr Bikers, who ministered to dozens of ailing machines, replacing cables, brake pads and getting many of

Deptford Bridge Junction: Do TfL think this is safe enough?


At Lewisham Cyclists, we have been wondering just what the omission of Deptford Bridge from TfL’s revised list of junctions that will be reviewed with a view to redevelopment, actually means.  In fact, not one junction in Lewisham made it on to that list of 33. Andrew Gilligan did warn us that the original list of 100 would be reduced, when he visited our meeting last year. He stated then that it was better to spend more money on fewer

Agenda for LC Monthly Meeting 6.30pm 19th March Dog and Bell, Deptford

All are welcome at the Lewisham Cyclists monthly meeting held on the third Wednesday of each month in our favourite Lewisham pub. These meetings are fairly informal and it’s a good opportunity to hear about the current local campaigns and influence their direction. Please come along… Here’s the agenda for this month’s meeting: Lewisham Cyclists Meeting Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 6.30pm Dog and Bell Public House, 116 Prince St, Deptford, SE8 3JD 1) Apologies and Welcome 2) Minutes of

Lots of meetings, talking, press releases: Now it’s time for action!


Boris was off again yesterday…another PR exercise designed to convince us that things are about to start changing for the better on our local streets…this time it was the announcement of the “mini Hollands” boroughs. We local campaigners across London have also been working hard, holding our own meetings, making our own press releases as part of the Space4Cycling campaign.  You can check what we in Lewisham have come up with, after our own public meetings, discussing the issues with

CS5 update


As we said a while back, Tfl had arranged to meet with us in the New Year to update us on their plans for CS5, specifically the section from New Cross to Lewisham. Now, this in itself is a matter of some dissension amongst local cyclists.  Some want TfL to grasp the nettle, and drive it straight along the main road, through New Cross and down Lewisham Way and Loampit Vale, doing whatever it takes to make it safe and

Thanks Lewisham! Space4Cycling Public Meeting successful and productive thanks to you!


A big than you to everyone who came along to the town hall and participated in our meeting…your enthusiasm and energy, coupled with excellent local knowledge will really help us put together a great contribution from Lewisham to the London wide LCC Space4Cycling campaign. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be putting together our list of demands.  it will be one per ward, for the purposes of LCC’s campaign.  But we had far more good ideas for improvements

Central London Grid

In all the excitement of preparing for our public meeting on Wednesday, and following up on the restrictions proposed to the Waterlink Way with the dog track development, we nearly forgot to remind everyone about the consultation on the Central London Grid, which closes today at midnight. Although none of it will be in Lewisham, we will have to ride it, as it covers large parts of inner London that many of visit regularly. A chunk of Southwark is in

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