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Lewisham Cyclists is the local borough group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). We have around 700 members representing a wide range of cyclists in the borough, of all ages and abilities.

Our activities include:

We keep in touch and share information with our members using our email group. To join, send a message to lewishamcyclists-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

We add important information frequently to the website here

We also have a Facebook group here

If you want to get in touch with us about anything email us at lewishamcyclists@gmail.com.

We have also just started compiling a list of leisure routes for people, including some of our popular rides.  Here


The group is administered by a management committee and the current committee members are:
Coordinator: Jane Davis
Secretary: Tim Collingridge
Treasurer: John Phillips

We are involved in a wide variety of interesting activities and if you would like to get involved, you would be very welcome.  There are always jobs that need doing, from helping with campaigning, to assisting on rides and helping with our new cycle maintenance project. Drop us an email anytime.

The group’s constitution can be read here.

The minutes of our monthly meetings can be read here

Our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at Lewisham Civic Suite, Lewisham Town Hall, Catford, SE6 4RU at 6.30pm and are open to all.






  • Ben Craggs

    Hi there,

    I’m from Goldsmiths’ College new cycling club. We combine social and sporting riding with campaigning activities. We’re very keen to respond to the recent proposal for extending the Cycle SuperHighway out towards Lewisham, we’d be very keen to talk to you folks / join forces / just get advice on what you’ve done so far.

    We have a few projects in the pipeline including a cycle safety festival in 2013, where we hope to host a debate / seminar on cycle policy and London road safety. Again, input from you guys would be very welcome.



    • Jane

      Hi Ben,
      Saw you joined our Facebook group too, and replied to you there. Great. Do keep in touch with us re your group’s activities. Maybe pop along to one of our Lewisham Cyclist meetings sometime as well.

      • John Papasian

        Hi Jane,

        Enjoyed yesterday’s ride, made the 16.22 at Faversham. I need an email address to post pic I think (or tell me how to attach on this webpage).

        • Jane

          Thanks, John. Glad you made the train oK..didn’t take you that long and a lovely day for a walk as well as a ride! You can send the photo to lewishamcyclists@gmail.com Thanks for doing this, much appreciated. Hope to see you again soon on another ride. (I was out on Sunday and got three flats myself… roads are full of grit and dirt at the moment)

  • Hello,

    I am contacting you on behalf of UP Projects; a none profit arts organisation. We are currently developing a project, which explores four parks along the Waterlink Way, entitled Secret Garden Project Lewisham. As part of this project we have commissioned local digital artists Close&Remote, who will be hosting an event encouraging people to cycle the route – while they capture film strapped to the bikes.

    We are interested in having other biking activities on site throughout the day and wondered if this is something that you would be interested in? I was wondering if you would be able to bring your Dr Bike Stall?

    The event is 2-4pm on Friday 23rd August.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,


    • Jane

      Hello Beth,
      This looks like a great project and definitely the kind of thing we would love to be involved with. Unfortunately, I have discussed it with the group and I can’t find enough people to do it that Friday, I’m afraid. Most of us work full time, so weekdays can be a a problem.
      Sorry not to be able to help on this occasion, but in the future, try us again,
      Jane Davis Lewisham cyclists Coordinator

  • Hello Lewisham Cyclists.
    Today we were fortunate to cross paths with your riders out from Paddock Wood.
    We are based in Tenterden and would be interested in perhaps doing some sort of joint ride if you should visit our patch again in the future.
    We are at http://tn30cc.blogspot.co.uk/ and emails come to me here tn30cc@sky.com
    I used to ride with Pollards Hill but moved here 4 years ago. As they are a bit far to get to now I started this lot instead!
    Kind regards, Ian McCormick, TN30CC.

    • Jane

      Hello Ian,
      Good to meet you and your group yesterday- it was a shame our planned route diverged so soon. The next time our ride calndar takes us down your neck of the woods, we will be in touch and try and arrange a meet up- maybe a lunch or coffee stop together- do you have any suggestions for us- seeing as you probably know the area much better than we do.

  • Judy

    Can I please ask the cyclists who use the cycle paths across Blackheath to call out a friendly greeting when they come up at great speed behind people who are walking/ walking their dogs/ jogging/ or taking their children to school?
    It can often be quite intimidating when cyclists come zooming up really fast at each side of you and you have had no notice of them coming. As a motorist I have always been very concerned and very careful for the safety of cyclists on the road.
    Many thanks.

    • Jane

      Thanks for your comment- we are aware that many walkers feel intimidated by some cyclists who can forget how it feels to be passed close and fast by something bigger and quicker. We tell people to imagine how they feel when, on their bike, they are passed close and fast by a car, bus or truck, as that is how unpleasant it feels to be “buzzed” by a cyclist when walking. As a group, we promote safe and responsible cycling everywhere, including on shared paths. We demonstrate safe cycling on our led rides in the borough and encourage as many as we meet to take advantage of the cycle training on offer in the borough which also teaches considerate cycling. However, only a very small number of pedestrians are injured in collisions with cyclists and when compared with the large numbers injured by people driving motor vehicles, these figures are absolutely tiny. But I accept that any injury is distressing for the individual concerned and that people expect a walk across the Heath, or on any traffic free path in a public space, to be calm and relaxing and it can be spoiled by inconsiderate cyclists. My feeling is, cyclists should not be travelling at great speed on these paths anyway. And it does help to call out a friendly hello as you approach.

  • Duncan Peterkin

    This my second time of trying too contact.
    I like to talk to someone about cycling with your group.
    I live in North Downham, and once a week go with the Bromley Cyclist. Can you give me a phone number, or you can phone me on 0206973168
    Thank you

    • Duncan… I did answer your last comment. You must have missed it. It will be easier if you contact us via email on lewishamcyclists@gmail.com. Take a look at our rides calendar, read the ride descriptions and our ride information page, and if you still have questions ring the ride leader… The number will be in the ride description.

  • Rashid

    Hi members. I have just bought a bike but I want to learn about maintenance etc ie about the dérailleur dear/leaf at shifter etc I am unemployed so if any one can help with numbers or contact details be grateful.


  • Kieran Basnet

    Hi, Lewisham Riding Group,
    I am Kieran from Lewisham/Greenwich
    please inform me on your forth coming cycle riding , Dr Bikes etc programmes . I love to join. Well ,I am working even Saturdays as such Sundays I can participate.
    Awating your reply.

    • Jane

      Kieran, Welcome. If you check the rides and events pages there is a calendar which gives details of everything that we do, rides, meetings, community events, repair workshops.

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