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Lewisham Cyclists and Covid

Sadly we have cancelled all our rides, community bike workshops and Dr Bikes till further notice. Stay hopeful, stay safe, follow government guidelines about staying home, self isolating and maintaining social distance and the sooner we’ll be riding together again. As bike shops are still allowed to trade, although our community work is closed for the duration, we are still allowed to offer limited help. We have supplied a couple of our loan bikes already for key worker use and

Tragic death on Catford Rd

Lewisham Cyclists were devastated to hear that someone was killed riding their bicycle through Catford on the A205 South Circular road on Wednesday 30th October. Our thoughts are with the deceased’s loved ones. This needless death occurred just the day after someone else was seriously injured on the same road only a few yards away. We don’t know the exact circumstances of what happened in these collisions, but we do know that collisions with vulnerable road users are not unusual on

Cycleway 4 Lower Road Consultation

Work has already begun on the western end of the new Cycleway 4 which will connect Tooley St and the south side of London Bridge to Greenwich through north Southwark and Deptford. The consultation on most of this was completed some time ago and we spent time encouraging and helping folk to respond back then. There was a “missing link” in Southwark, around Surrey Quays due to Southwark needing more time, so they said, to develop plans for the wider

Tuesday Totter Fortnightly Ride

Our fortnightly afterwork Ride has changed its meet-up point. Instead of Ladywell, we’ve chosen a more central location, to make it easier, we hope, for a greater number of Lewisham people. We will now meet outside the Glassmill Leisure Centre, over the road from Lewisham Railway Station and bus station. Right on the Waterlink Way cycle route. Hope that suits more folk! Check our calendar under Home in the Menu bar

Lewisham Council Local Implementation Plan

Lewisham Council LIP (Local Implementation Plan) is up for consultation. This is basically the council’s strategy for transport planning across the borough. LIP funding is the process through which TfL provides financial support to boroughs for schemes to improve their transport networks. So it’s a massively important document which will have a massive effect on all of us. The consultation ends on Saturday.  It’s not perfect but it’s so much better than in the past. We really need to make

Ride from Farthing Down Sunday 7th October 2018

Its a long time since we’ve done a ride report! Although still doing regular Rides finding the time to record them is a problem!   Perfect day for riding.  We headed out of Coulsdon straight up the lovely Farthing Down, bid a brief hello to the resident cows there, and then off down, passing Chaldon Church and then Over the B road for the first proper descent, flying down Hilltop Lane, taking the two bends at a swoop, easy to

Winter riding

Had one of my best commutes of the year today. I’m lucky enough to have a MTB and used it to ride down through Ladywell Fields off the paths. The snow was the deepest we’ve had for nearly ten years and I made the most of it. In fact, I left an hour early and just rode up and down those little hills in Ladywell Fields as many times as I could. Skidding and sliding and laughing my head off.

Knatts Valley: A hint of Spring.

Thirteen of us met up at or outside Le Delice on a beautiful morning. Almost spring like, but for the ice in the air and still a few patches on the ground.  But the warmth of the sun above was already melting those and we soon headed off through Ladywell Fields with a message that two more would catch us up in a bit. Past the Nordic walkers warming up outside the park cafe, carefully through our lovely park, ducks

2018 Pudding Buster

5 riders rolled out of Ladywell and down through Bellingham, Beckenham and swiftly down Corkscrew hill before beginning the twin drags of Layhams Rd (where we spotted some Team Storey Racing Pro Riders who quickly dropped me like a stone near the Police Dog Training School) and Beddlestead Lane, the latter of which was surprisingly free of fly tipping and traffic. Whilst the ice which had haunted previous Pudding Busters was thankfully absent, the moisture meant there were some messy

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