Campaigns on borough roads

Lewisham Cyclists lobby Lewisham Council to make cycling a significant part of their transport policy. This includes campaigns aimed at improving particular road systems, education, cycle training, cycle parking and promoting cycling as part of their public health policy.

We had a major success in 2017 when after lobbying by Lewisham Cyclists and extensive discussions, Lewisham Council adopted a formal Cycle Strategy on 6th December 2017. The final Strategy document can be found here: Lewisham Cycle Strategy.

Current issues we are campaigning on include:

  • Quietways
  • Trundley’s Road junction improvements (see Quietways above)
  • Canal Approach Greenway (led by Deptford Folk) – initial proposal here
  • Catford cycle bypass
  • LCN22 and Waterlink Way upgrades (see Quietways above)
  • Cycle Superhighway CS4 (Woolwich to Tower Bridge)
  • Traffic Reduction – ‘filtering’ suggestions submitted to LBL in June 2018 here
  • Making links across railways fully accessible

Also see the Consultations & Responses page here for further information on these campaigns