Deal’s Gateway

You might remember these videos. We made them a couple of years ago to highlight how dangerous this junction had become due to the changes TfL implemented to “improve traffic flow” . The redesign had placed the stop line on Deal’s Gateway so far back and removed the dedicated green light so that traffic was dangerously in conflict here. Cyclists often found themselves unable to get through the junction and could be left stranded in the middle of the A2 when the lights changed. Horrible.

We think the videos made TfL see how serious the problem was…they wouldn’t restore the dedicated green for Deals, but they moved the stop line forward and put a delay on the green light for traffic emerging from Greenwich High Rd. This was something at least…Deals Gateway traffic now had a better chance of claiming the junction and moving through…but people’s safety shouldn’t be down to chance, so we carried on campaigning.

Now another consultation has popped up on this junction….on one more slight improvement which we also suggested…the introduction of right turn arrow markings on the road, just to reinforce the idea that this is the manoeuvre being undertaken, reminding traffic from the High Rd that they need to give way. It’s still not everything we asked for, but it is something and we think it will help. And in the introduction to the consultation, a clear acknowledgement that our concerns and judgement were justified and accurate. Which is also good to see. So, the drip, drip effect of constant campaigning does have some effect. It may be slow, it may be partial, but it is worth it and it is working.

So, please play your part in the process, visit the TfL transport consultation site here here and say what you think. And while you’re there, have a look at the other consultations…you may well have an opinion on one or more of them. Definitely take a look at the one on Elephant and Castle. It has implications for so many of us.
We need to use these mechanisms to make our views heard…TfL do take note of these consultations and we need to make sure the voices of vulnerable road users are not drowned out by those of the powerful motor based lobbying groups. Please, take the opportunity to have your say.