Space4Cycling is an LCC campaign that aims to improve the quality of life, by making local streets safe and inviting for all.

The campaign focuses on improvements that can be made across 6 main categories:

  • lowering vehicle speeds
  • removing through motor traffic on minor/residential streets
  • installing physically protected space for cycling on main roads
  • opening up our green areas for cycling
  • creating safe cycle routes to schools
  • improving London’s town centres to make them easier to visit by bike

Lewisham Cyclists lobby TFL and our local council to make sure they are considering these principles in their planning in Lewisham.


Individual remember can also lobby their own ward councillors by signing the London Cycling Campaigns petition.

As part of the Space4Cycling campaign, we held an open meeting to improvements needed for each ward in the borough.  The most popular one was selected as an ask for that ward and presented to local candidates before the last council elections in the hope they would support these asks.   The asks chosen can be viewed below:

Additional issues identified