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Winter riding

Had one of my best commutes of the year today. I’m lucky enough to have a MTB and used it to ride down through Ladywell Fields off the paths. The snow was the deepest we’ve had for nearly ten years and I made the most of it. In fact, I left an hour early and just rode up and down those little hills in Ladywell Fields as many times as I could. Skidding and sliding and laughing my head off.

Lewisham Gateway: What’s happening?

Update October 2015:  Read about the latest developments in our attempts to get Tfl to deliver a safe junction for all road users here   Update: May 2015. We are now well in to the construction of the Low H road system in this development.  And have had numerous complaints from cyclists who have to use this busy junction, difficult at its best.  And, it seems, it may well be at its worst at the moment.  We contacted Tfl about

CS5 and Lewisham…a troubled relationship.

I remember when I first heard about The Cycle Super Highways, it seemed a great idea. Fast, safe routes for cyclists, from all around the city to Central London? Honestly? This was heady stuff. When had we ever heard anyone talk like this about cycling in London? The LCN, (London Cycle network) which had promised so much still remained piecemeal, patchy, and was never intended to give cyclists equal access to the mighty, main roads that power straight into our

Ladywell improvements update

Ladywell streetscape improvements are nearing completion and the main roads are all open again. It is immediately apparent how much more space there is for pedestrians and it seems that traffic speeds are a lot lower due to the narrowed carriageways and raised table accesses to the side roads.  From a cyclist’s point of view these reduced traffic speeds are a major benefit along with the soon to be smooth riding surface! A major element in the improvements was the

Lewisham Gateway:

This development has a long and troubled history.   As far as cyclists are concerned, the massive roundabout which has dominated the area since it was installed in the early 1990’s, will not be missed.  Only a few hardened risk takers will attempt a circuit by bike and it’s no more popular with motorists.  For pedestrians, it turned a fairly human sized simple T junction, with pubs, cinemas and shops in easy reach,  into an inaccessible, alien landscape.  I think it’s