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Essex Circular from Shenfield

I’d already wimped out of a wet solo ride earlier in the week. So couldn’t really back out this time, as I was leading a group ride now, and despite receiving a fair number of early morning DNS texts, there were still a few who wanted to get out and explore Essex. So, wrapped up in my waterproofs, I pumped up my tyres, checked for grit bits, and rolled out the front gate. Even in the warmed up city centre

Over The Hills and Not So Far Away

New resolution re Ride Reports. They’ll be short and sweet and if possible, done on the day. Here goes: What a beautiful day. Freezing mist hanging over Ladywell Fields as I headed out about 7.30am. Pedalled fast as I could to Norwood Junction for the train and hopefully a hot coffee. Norwood Junction doesn’t seem to function before 8am on a Sunday however. But when others arrived a bit later, they went off on a coffee hunt. And returned. Laden

Tuesday Totter

Tonights Tuesday Totter didn’t go quite to plan. Started by heading out to Greenwich via the Coldbath Egerton Drive route which entails crossing the railway over the Elverson Rd bridge, which I like to include now and again. Gives everyone a chance to practice their bike handling skills. Through the tunnel and out the other side, along the river, me trying to push it a little bit as I suspected the park path near Shadwell Basin might be closed. And

At Last! A Cycle Strategy for the Borough.

The effects of austerity policies on local government spending have been felt all over Lewisham in may different departments.  Roads and Transport have not escaped and it has become increasingly clear over the last couple of years or so, that the council was going to need even more encouragement if not an active a helping hand if we were ever to see a cycle strategy for the borough in the forseeable future anyway.  When we finally managed to get the

At last! A Cycling Champion for Lewisham!

Lewisham Cyclists is extremely happy to announce that the council and Mayor have agreed to appoint Councillor Mark Ingleby as the borough’s cycling champion. Although this appointment still has to be formally ratified by the Mayor’s office, Councillor Ingleby, who represents Whitefoot ward, has already begun liaising  with Lewisham Cyclists.  We are pleased with his appointment, as we know Councillor Ingleby cycles regualrly and has a clear understanding of what’s needed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to

Another Parks Ride

I arrived at Le Delice early and as I breakfasted people began to arrive. By the time we were ready to leave there were 14 of us. Not bad for a January morning with rain forecast later on. It was good to see riders I had first met a while ago on rides last year, returning and keen as ever! We headed off down the good old Waterlink Way! We turned off it to head through the Bellingham estate and

Two Counties Ride

The forecast was pretty bad.  Gale force winds with gusts up to 50mph, storm Desmond moving though during the day.  So, I wasn’t surprised to find a much reduced group of merely six riders at Ladywell.  We left promptly at 9am.  I didn’t want to hang around as the weather, already very blustery, was scheduled to get worse in the afternoon.   Fiona caught us as we entered Ladywell Fields and I stopped the group as my phone was ringing. 

Penshurst and Chiddingstone Ride

Chiddingstone and Penshurst Ride This was a train assisted ride to maximise the amount of daylight riding in countryside a bit further out in Kent, now winter draws on.  The forecast was bad and indeed it was raining as I left.  I’d overslept a bit so didn’t have time to ride to the Otford meet point as I usually do, but met Fiona and Steve on the train. At Otford, we caught up with two more riders off the train

Clerkenwell and City Sunday Ride

A very chilly autumn morning in thick fog saw only eight of us at Ladywell, joined by three more at Greenwich foot tunnel for the City ride this morning.     So 11 of us headed down into a strangely empty foot tunnel.  So empty, that Maxine decided quite justifiably, that walking through was a bit mad and rode to the lift at the other end.  When I’m leading a ride, however, I tend to be a bit obsessive about

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