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Two Counties Ride

The forecast was pretty bad.  Gale force winds with gusts up to 50mph, storm Desmond moving though during the day.  So, I wasn’t surprised to find a much reduced group of merely six riders at Ladywell.  We left promptly at 9am.  I didn’t want to hang around as the weather, already very blustery, was scheduled to get worse in the afternoon.   Fiona caught us as we entered Ladywell Fields and I stopped the group as my phone was ringing. 

Penshurst and Chiddingstone Ride

Chiddingstone and Penshurst Ride This was a train assisted ride to maximise the amount of daylight riding in countryside a bit further out in Kent, now winter draws on.  The forecast was bad and indeed it was raining as I left.  I’d overslept a bit so didn’t have time to ride to the Otford meet point as I usually do, but met Fiona and Steve on the train. At Otford, we caught up with two more riders off the train

Clerkenwell and City Sunday Ride

A very chilly autumn morning in thick fog saw only eight of us at Ladywell, joined by three more at Greenwich foot tunnel for the City ride this morning.     So 11 of us headed down into a strangely empty foot tunnel.  So empty, that Maxine decided quite justifiably, that walking through was a bit mad and rode to the lift at the other end.  When I’m leading a ride, however, I tend to be a bit obsessive about

Late Summer Ride to the Shipwright’s Arms

For a few years now, I have been riding down to the Shipwrights Arms at Hollowshore on Faversham Creek, in late summer or early autumn. It was Barry Mason who first introduced me to this place, as it quietly sits in one of his favourite areas. In fact, until I met Barry and began riding behind him around those little corners of the South East that he knew so well, I had been pretty much ignorant and a little dismissive

A Half-day in North Kent

Sunday 6 September 2015:  A ride report from Alex It has been a pleasure to ride with both Lewisham & Bromley Cyclists over the past 2 years and today felt like another step up – my first ride as a weekend ride leader. I’d helped out in the past for shorter pub rides, but not taken the lead on a weekend ride, until today.  Overnight I feared that the recent grey, dull, wet weather would put some people off, so

Lewisham Cyclists Seaside Ride to Eastbourne

Le Delice was empty at 8.30am and I began to wonder if anyone was going to join me at all, surprised that on such a lovely summer’s day no one fancied the idea of a ride to the seaside.     Then Steve arrived, followed by Meaghan and then a flurry of bikes and riders appeared outside the cafe and in just five minutes there were 17 of us!   We headed off through Ladywell Fields and Catford, through Bellingham,Beckenham

Cookham Ride, Saturday, July 18th 2015

19 of us gathered at Le Delice, some inside for breakfast, others outside in the sun. We rode off soon after 9am, following a mixture of cycle routes and parks across South London, aiming for Richmond Park. Moving a large group of riders of varying abilities through these streets was never going to be fast and it was nearly two hours before we were riding through a sunny Richmond Park. I had taken a wrong turn at one point, so

Lewisham Cyclists Ride to the Seaside, Climb a Very Big Hill (or Two) but miss sharing some hunny with a bear of very little brain.

I had set aside the whole day for this ride.  It’s neither the shortest, quickest, easiest nor the only way to Hastings, but it’s my favourite.  So, I had booked a cheap return ticket for the 7.55 pm train back to London.  0ver 80 miles and more than 5000 feet of climbing, plus fish and chips on the beach to get done before that. We met at Le Delice, breakfasted, and then had to sort out a few mechanicals even

A Kent Out and Backer

Rode down to our cafe meeting spot earlier than usual for a Sunday morning meet, expecting to have to sit outside and munch my own pot of muesli on a street bench rather than have my preride breakfast inside. But, contrary to information received, Le Delice was open and happy to serve.  So, I stuffed the muesli back in my saddlebag and enjoyed a big cup of good coffee with toast and jam as other riders began to arrive.  Apparently,

Parks Ride Sunday 1st March 2015

Parks Ride Sunday 1st March 2015 Such a different sky as I stepped outside the door this morning, than that under which I had ridden out the day before. No drizzly rain, no steel grey clouds, just blue sky and a few white wispy bits drifting across it, and a bright, yellow brisk, early spring sun. And a brisk, early spring breeze to accompany it. Already at the café around half a dozen riders, and as I arrived two more

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