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Ride to Meopham Saturday 28th February 2015

The forecast wasn’t for rain until later in the day, so I felt a bit misled as I rode through Beckenham Park, taking the quiet route from Lewisham to Bromley South Station, today’s ride meetpoint.  It was that dull, drizzly mizzle, the kind of day they call dreich north of the border.  I hauled up the steep little rise that takes you almost opposite the station and could see Andrew, today’s ride leader, already waiting.  We discussed the weather and

From Farthing Down through Surrey and Kent

When I woke up and looked outside at about 6am this morning I groaned quietly to myself.  Heavy rain was falling and it was bitter cold.  If I hadn’t been leading a ride I would have left the bike under the stairs, made a log fire up and settled down with a pot of hot coffee, breakfast, then a book by the fire.  As it was, I finished the ride preparation I had left incomplete last night, had a shower,

Hackney, with Victoria and Olympic Park Ride

There were already people waiting in Le Delice cafe, our friendly meetpoint in Ladywell, when I arrived for my breakfast at 10am. By the time we rode off on the Waterlink Way towards Lewisham half an hour later there were 16 of us. Three more at Greenwich, including one who had just missed the Southwark Healthy ride and decided to join us instead. We managed to cram about 16 bikes in the lift. A couple walked down the stairs. At

Severndroog Castle Ride Report

I arrived at Le Delice for my breakfast at 9.30 am on a bitterly cold Sunday morning, and already 3 other riders had arrived. While I consumed my porridge and coffee, riders continued to gather inside and outside the cafe and by the time we left, there were 17 of us! Impressive in the deep mid winter. With the two that joined us en route, that made 19 riders. We took the Waterlink Way to the riverside at Deptford first,

The Annual Pudding Buster 2015

We usually run this ride in the last week of the old year, but this year it slipped a bit and became our first countryside ride of the New Year.  Although, for some if us it was already our third ride of 2015 as we had done the New Year’s Eve ride which straddles the old and new, and, then, as we were still wide awake on New Year’s Day at 9am, we had headed off to Greenwich for the

Hertfordshire Lost Lanes Ride November 16th

A beautiful, clear morning as I rode out to Blackfriars had clouded over by the time I reached the station. Over the next ten minutes or so, I was joined by three riders from Kingston Cyclists, then a Bromley rider, then two Lewisham rides regulars. The seven of us obtained our bargain tickets, £5.60 each. I was surprised to receive only one ticket for the groupsave deal…this seems a new system to stop groups separating on to different trains for

East London Anarchists Ride

18 of us at Ladywell on a lovely sunny morning, rode off along the Waterlink Way, through Lewisham, over the winding bridge which crosses the railway at Elverson Rd, up a steep hill which a few of us walked, but one fixie rider managed in one go, across Blackheath to Greenwich Park and its viewpoint in front of the statue of General James Wolfe.  Our Anarchism, Socialism and Revolution ride had begun. (NB I have included much of the information

Surrey Hills Ride: The Tough One

A 7am start deterred some of you (as I thought it might) and after a flurry of texts on a beautiful Easter Saturday morning, just as I was about to leave, from people who had overslept or were otherwise unable to make it, just three of us left the cafe to head through fairly quiet South London streets. We soon realised we had a slight tailwind, which lifted my spirits enormously…I had completed 100 miles since midnight on Thursday night/Friday

The Cheese Run Ride Report

Andrew’s Cheese Run route covers some of my favourite bits of Kent as well as a few lovely lanes I am not so familiar with…often the way with Andrew’s rides…I think I know the area he’s leading us through and then he turns off down a beautiful little lane that I haven’t yet ridden, even after 30 odd years of exploring this area on my bike.  So, despite the horrid forecast, I decided to ride out through SE London and

An East London Explorer for International Women’s Day

Lewisham Cyclists began to gather at the cafe in Ladywell, quite early on a beautiful International Women’s day morning, ready to believe that winter was finally done with us and a spring and summer of sun kissed rides was on its way.  Ten of us set off along the Waterlink Way to Greenwich where we were met by another ten.  At this point, Sidney and Mary left us as they were hosting a big party that day…the day was so

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