Cycleway 4 Lower Road Consultation

Work has already begun on the western end of the new Cycleway 4 which will connect Tooley St and the south side of London Bridge to Greenwich through north Southwark and Deptford.

The consultation on most of this was completed some time ago and we spent time encouraging and helping folk to respond back then.

There was a “missing link” in Southwark, around Surrey Quays due to Southwark needing more time, so they said, to develop plans for the wider area. They’ve now come up with these plans, and the consultation on this section of the cycleway has been running for a while. It finishes on Friday 4th October!

Please take a look at this link to Southwark Cyclists work on the plans. They have provided a guide to the consultation and helpful hints on how to respond if you do indeed want a segregated route for cycling here.

There are some implications for streets in Deptford due to these plans, which we are still investigating. But overall, Southwark Cyclists have most of it about right. Once it’s agreed, we can definitely fine tune the bits that affect Deptford.