Lewisham Council’s Covid Response

As the lockdown begins to ease, already we can what the effects of Covid-19 on London’s transport system going forward might mean. Drastically reduced capacity on public transport, which even those of us who have to work, are asked not to use. And, TfL and our local authorities know that they must act now to ensure that the city’s streets are as safe as possible for as many people as possible to switch from public transport to walking and cycling. The city needs as many of us as possible to walk and cycle when we have to travel. Or else the levels of congestion and pollution we experienced before Covid will be even greater if people move from public transport to private cars. It doesn’t take an expert to work out why.

So, it’s good to see Lewisham start moving on this. They are developing measures to help residents make essential trips on foot or by bicycle and have set out the beginnings of that plan here

However, it’s necessary to move quickly. Already, some non key workers are going back to work. If the roads don’t have safe space for walking and cycling, if people don’t feel safe on our roads, they will not cycle. They will not walk.

Lewisham Cyclists has responded to the council by pulling together the five most important things they need to consider. We are preparing more detailed recommendations and will meet with officers to discuss and develop. In the meantime, take a look, both at our suggestions and the councils commonplace forum where you can make suggestions.

Our May monthly meeting will be held online next week. Look out for the link and join it if you want to hear more and share your views.