Lewisham Local Elections (3rd May 2018) Statement for Candidates

Dear Lewisham Local Election Candidate,

Lewisham Cyclists (LC) are passionate about providing safer spaces for people on bicycles. These will enable more people to travel by bicycle safely, reducing congestion and pollution, whilst being a healthy and enjoyable way of moving around our crowded streets. We’d like your support for the following priorities identified in Lewisham’s Cycling Strategy:

Start work on the new Cycle Superhighway 4 (Tower Bridge to Greenwich). This scheme has a high public approval rating and we should be starting work on Lewisham’s section to benefit thousands of daily journeys as soon as possible.

Given that Lewisham has been one of the first seven to successfully bid for Transport for London’s Liveable Neighbourhood funding we want your commitment that if elected, as this project takes shape, you’ll make sure the borough delivers a high-quality and safe Liveable Neighbourhood in Deptford North.

Lobby TfL to support the new Lewisham Spine (A21) from Deptford to Downham. This place-making scheme will link the new CS4 to the rest of the Borough making more liveable neighbourhoods and enable safer walking and cycling for thousands.

Support neighbourhoods to reduce rat running traffic, and identify sustainable walking and cycling routes for local journeys, including schools.

Identify and implement major junction improvements for pedestrians and people on bicycles – these are a major barrier to more people taking to their bicycles.

Please pledge your support by contacting Lewisham Cyclists at lewishamcyclists@gmail.com

Your support will help reduce traffic blight and pollution, and make Lewisham a safer and healthier place – thank you!

Best Wishes Jane Davis (LC Coordinator)