Maintenance Classes

Lewisham Cyclists will be running a series of more structured maintenance lessons from the end of January 2020 at our venue in Deptford, the Ron Hoskins Hall in Childers St SE8 7pm till 10.00pm.

You will work on your own bike, so need to bring that with you. You can book on to one session only, or as many as you want.

First session: Thursday 30th January

Get to know your bike: parts and their functions

How to check your bike is safe to ride

Cleaning and lubrication

Adjusting your bike to fit you

Tyres and punctures

Wheel removal and replacement

Puncture repair

Basic tools and how to use them

2nd Session Thursday 6th February 2020
Chain Care: Cleaning, checking for wear and replacement. 

3rd Session Thursday 13th February 2020

(Rim brakes only, not disc, coaster or hub brakes)

Checking for wear and adjustment

Changing pads and cables

4th Session: Thursday 20th February

Function of gears

Indexing gears

Replacing a rear gear cable

We run these courses on a donation basis: there is no fixed charge. We do ask for a deposit of £10 when booking on the course, as there are only four places on each and this makes it less likely that space on the course is wasted. This can be included in the donation or returned if the participant is completely unwaged.

To book on the courses, contact Jane on when you will be given the bank details to provide the deposit. Once the deposit is received, we can book you a place.  We run our sessions on a “pay what you can afford” donation basis.  As a guide, similar courses cost around £40 to £50. However, money should not stop anyone accessing our courses, so any donation, however small, welcome. If the deposit is a problem, say when you email.