New to Cycling?

Lewisham Cyclists are always happy to help anyone who wants to start riding a bike. We offer advice and training and some of our shorter, local rides are ideal for learners.

The pages below give more information which may help you if you are new to cycling:

You are more than welcome to get in touch with us if you need advice.


  • patricia raphael

    i am a new cyclist that has hired a bik from Lewisham council. I have been told i have to fill in a questionaire every thursday, what webside do I need to go to?

  • Jane

    Hi Patricia,
    The loan bikes are sorted by London Cycling Campaign…you could try emailing
    and ask them where the questionnaire is. We think it’s their questionnaire…We have sent them an email too, as we would like to know more about the scheme seeing as it’s becoming so popular.