Online access details for Lewisham Cyclists 18th March Meeting

Below is the link to the Google hangout set up for the March Monthly meeting of Lewisham Cyclists, scheduled for this evening (Wednesday 18th March) at 6.30pm.

In light of current Government guidelines (at time of writing) we will be running all monthly meetings until further notice using this channel.

We have the following house rules in place for this call:

1. If using a mobile device, we recommend you plug it in to mains power, as the battery will drain quite quickly.

2. We request that all attendees (unless otherwise told) MUTE their microphones on the device they’re using. You can use the ‘chat’ box to ask any questions to the Chair, Coordinator, Secretary or invited speaker.

3. You are welcome to use the camera in the call if you want us to see you on the video call, but this is at your own discretion.

4. We will be sharing a screen with the documents for the meeting, including the agenda.

5. We would recommend people log on and are ready to go at 6.25pm, to ensure a prompt and timely start.