We respond to proposals by the borough, TfL or private developers and actively push for improvements we see as important in the borough. One of our main successes in the past has been that our Lewisham Cycle Strategy was adopted by the council in 2017. We have also built a very strong, benevolent and effective link into the council with councillors regularly attending our monthly meetings. And of course, we represent to you, our members, and your cycling needs in the borough.

Obviously, we look at Junctions and Cycleways with the aim of making cycling safe, fun and inclusive.

Currently Liveable Neighbourhoods (a GLA project) and Healthy Neighbourhoods (a LBL project) aim to reduce traffic and encourage active travel.

On our page on Consulations&Responses page you will find or responses to ongoing consultations in and around the borough. We often also meet in the pub or ride to the place of interest to discuss what we as cyclists think to collect the different views of Lewisham Cyslists so that we can represent a broad base of cyclists and their needs in the borough.

Often we will support local groups and initiatives with our insights into traffic infrastructure and how it affects people using that space to move around. Currently we are actively supporting Deptford Folk, Brockley Better Streets, and the School Superzones.

Please get in touch if you want us to get involved.