Quietway 1 User Survey

At the end of the summer, you may remember that we carried out a survey aimed at finding out what users of Quietway 1 felt about it. Qe also wanted to see who was using it, whether it had attracted new users.  We carried out the survey during the evening peak hours and, although we had a lot of respondents, felt that the category of cyclists mostly around at that time would be commuters.  We’d like a wider range of responses if possible, younger, older, leisure and utility cyclists. People who may not be in full time work, or work at all, in short, as great a cross section of people we can get. So, the survey is here and we’d be really pleased if you’d fill it in and direct as many people as possible to do the same. It will help us give the council realistic feedback about it. And inform our campaigning for improvements, maintenance both here and elsewhere. The council is slowly becoming more cycle aware these days and we need your input to make sure what they deliver over the next few years is what is really needed.


The survey is here