Responses received from Local Election Candidates to our pledges (3rd May 2018 elections)

Green Party Candidate John Coughlin

Dear Supporter of Liveable London Campaign,

I can confirm that I am absolutely committed to the Living Streets and London Cycling Campaign Liveable London pledges. Lewisham Green Party agree entirely with the stated aims of the campaign to reduce air pollution, to tackle the inactivity crisis, to revitalise our communities and social lives, and to transform conditions for walking and cycling in Lewisham.

Green councillors elected this Thursday will commit to achieving these aims by implementing Liveable Neighbourhoods across Lewisham. We will support efforts to create protected cycle infrastructure wherever possible and to calm and reduce motor traffic wherever it is not. We will aim to have more filtered residential streets by 2022 than there are at present. We want to see a Walking and Cycling to School strategy.

Last summer, I and other Lewisham Green Party members visited the Walthamstow Mini-Holland project and we were incredibly impressed at the way this has improved the environment there for all road users. We came away from this visit with a determination to try and make the same kind of changes in our borough. Sometimes this will involve bidding for centrally allocated funds for major projects and sometimes this will involve cost-effective measures that can be implemented very rapidly at a local level. In all cases, Green Councillors will work towards high quality street redesigns that achieve these goals.

Lewisham Council is currently a ‘One-Party State’ with 53 Labour councillors and myself, the lone opposition Green councillor. We urge you wherever you live in Lewisham, but especially if you live in my ward of Brockley, to Vote Green on Thursday to get councillors who will work towards Liveable London and also break the current monopoly of power held by one party.


Labour Party Candidate Sue Hordijenko (Bellingham)

Dear Jane,

Thank you for contacting me. Yes, you have my complete support. I am currently a Councillor in Bellingham. Hoping to be re-elected next week.
Best wishes and cycle safely,


Labour Party Candidate Alan Smith (Catford South)

I fully support the plans to improve cycling provision and will do all I can to pressure TfL re the Lewisham Spine segregated cycle route.


Labour Party Candidate Stephen Penfold (Brockley)

Dear Lewisham Cyclists,

Thank you for your email. I’m more than happy to pledge my support to improve conditions for cyclists and promote cycling in Lewisham. In our manifesto Labour is committed to working with TFL to provide a cycle route from Deptford to Downham, “The Lewisham Spine”. We are also committed to providing cycle storage in every neighbourhood and will support a new cycle hire scheme.

Personally, I think the point about junction improvements is an important one and, if elected, it is something I would be keen to pursue.

Kind regards,