Route Ideas

Lots of people ask us about the ride routes we use.  We thought it might be a good idea to start keeping  a page with links to some of them.   So here’s some to start with.  A disclaimer though…I plot these from memory using the ridewithgps online service.  it’s free, but you do have to sign up for it and I do not take any responsibility for slight deviations and inaccuracies that may arise due to the way ridewithgps software might configure the route when mapping online.  Always use the route the first time with this in mind! I’d advise taking a good paper map with you as well, especially if you use a garmin type gps with just a line to follow.  Just in case there’s a blip in a route which takes you down a blocked road, an impossible bit of off road or some such hazard around which you need to deviate and find an alternate route.


  1. A ride round the Herts/Bucks border visiting Ivinghoe Beacon
  2.  A short Surrey Hills ride for the winter
  3.  Our long summer 100 mile Surrey hills route    This route has a few blips around Croydon as the route out goes through the pedestrian precint which is only possible very early in the morning when it’s empty. Elsewhere in the area, one way priorities seem to change every so often and slippery tram tracks abound.  So, be careful using the route through Croydon.
  4.  One version of our famous Flat(tish) Kent Ride  There are quite a few different versions of this ride…all good.
  5. Over the Hills and Not So Faraway A ride into Surrey, up and along Farthing Down and then across to Kent.  Along the Pilgrims’ Way and then back to London via Cudham, Downe, West Wickham, Beckenham Place Park and the Waterlink Way.
  6. The Pudding Buster  Our traditional New Year Ride: 35 miles or so out to and back from Kent.
  7. Hyde Park and back to Ladywell  A circular route using lots of traffic free paths and cycle tracks plus Quietway 1.

That’s all for now…we have loads more so keep checking back from time to time as more will be added.