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Space4Cycling: Survey results and Campaign News

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Before Christmas, you may remember that we asked you to complete a survey drawn up by the London Cycling Campaign in which you could draw attention to what you considered to be the barriers to cycling, both in Lewisham and across London wherever Lewisham cyclists ride, or in many cases, would like to ride, but can’t due to the severity of those barriers.   We now have the results of that survey and have begun to analyse them.  One of the things that we have done is to plot the locations in Lewisham that you consider real barriers to cycling in the borough, together with your comments, if given.  Other borough groups will be doing the same with their data and when available, we will give you the links to those.  We know many of you listed areas outside of Lewisham   as many of us regularly cycle through other boroughs.  But there is a link to our map here